Developing a content strategy can bring great value to your customers, but the issue with any content strategy is time. Not to mention the added pressure of managing expectations, usually on a very tight budget!

As a Content Director, with over two decades of experience in the industry, I appreciate the incredible effort and skill required to create and execute professional content for events. At International Productions, we have Event Management and Content Production departments working side-by-side, so I get to see the good and the bad when it comes to events.

I regularly witness the balancing act required to ensure all the elements come together on time and on budget; usually involving some ideas or add-ons overlooked on the final run-sheet. And all too often this includes content!

Content is my domain, and perhaps that makes me slightly biased, however I truly believe content is not an event luxury to be case aside when the purse-strings have to be tightened.

Content is vital to the success of an event and can considerably increase ROI

Content can be as simple as a presentation to accompany your report at your company AGM, or as extensive as an award build, including opening videos, category slides, title slides, winner’s videos and highlights on blend screens.

Removing professional content from your budget and leaving it to the intern to go crazy with their iPhone is undermining your client and their guests’ expectations, while leaving yourself with no way to promote the event and its outcomes afterwards.

All content produced for an event has the potential to be repurposed, reimagined and re-shared for years to come – using some fuzzy mobile images or rudimentary desktop presentation will leave your image and the legacy of your event with much to be desired.

We work with our clients to produce outstanding creative content which we then optimise for website or social media channels, or 360-degree and virtual-reality content which we reimagine into an interactive experience for a trade show stand. These are just some examples of how great results can make very happy Marketing and Public Relations departments, who can further use the content for corporate collateral, digital or print.

At International Productions, we revel in devising new ways to accommodate your requirements and create something unique for you. When organising your next event, why not consider making your content the star of the show?

Gavin Walters is a Content Director at International Productions. No matter how big or small your event or budget, or how tight your deadlines are, International Productions delivers world-class event management and content production services that will meet your event objectives and communicate your key messages every time.



The event industry is continually looking to reinvent immersive experiences that increase guest engagement, brand connection and absorption. So, what is the secret to creating the high-end visually immersive experience you see at the Oscars or a high-production live music concert?

Firstly, we need to understand how to utilise the latest technology to enhance your event experience and deliver the next-level production.

Unlocking the hidden value of event content, is blend screen projection and vision mapping. The flexibility of blend screen projection and vision mapping removes the borders of visual creativity, with the ability to create the illusion of different shape screens, maximise the use of venue space with additional screens, and allows you to display different streams of content simultaneously.

Multiple projectors can seamlessly deliver different pieces of content simultaneously to showcase both the presentation and the speaker on screen at the same time utilising Picture-in-Picture (PIP) and live-to-screen (IMAG) imagery. Whilst this may sound simple, the multi-element content applications are endless. Content can be displayed across wide screens, wrap screens, oval and diamond shaped canvas, and the only limitation is your imagination.

Blend screen projection allows us to increase our screen real estate to showcase more content. Whether you are looking for an 80m long wrap screen that creates 180-degrees of active screen space, or an extended 12m x 4m screen with a dual projection blend – your communication possibilities are expanded to truly add a new dimension to your event.

Visual immersion is a growing trend in event production, and finding the right expertise to shape the experience you are after can be the challenge. This is where the International Production team of experts are here to help. Expertise to create content that simplifies the process, takes the headache out of your event management and even works with you to make content development enjoyable. We take blend screen content out of the too hard basket, and work with you to bring your imagination to life and add value to your event.

International Productions believes in the power of compelling event content, contact our team to take your event to the next level, and deliver a Hollywood-standard production that creates a lasting impression on guests.



Prediction: The year video production goes full circle

We can all agree 2016 was a big year of change. We all at one point questioned our faith in humanity and the values of unity, but while we were all transfixed with Bowie, Brexit and Trump, technology was busy strapping itself into the driving seat and putting its foot on the accelerator – preparing us for some big ticket trends in 2017.

As Content Director at International Productions, here are my 2017 trend predictions, to make the most of your content production.


Content is going to keep growing. We have already seen this trend taking hold but it’s only going to get bigger. With viewers constantly wanting more, the hungry beast will need to be fed more and more. Video content is the next best thing to being there in person and we are finding that consumers would much rather watch a video than have to read content.

The emergence of 360-degree video, where every direction is filmed at the same time, is transforming how immersive experiences can be created, shared and relived across the globe. What truly makes 360-degree video accessible is its integration with social media – Facebook and YouTube have both launched the ability to share the immersive visual content

As a powerful storytelling medium, 360-degree content can be used for promotional campaigns, influential ideas, as well as just placing the viewer, right where you want them…smack in the middle of the action. With the popularity of mobile technology such as smart phones and tablets, it’s convenient – expect to see more in 2017.


Virtual reality is quickly making its way into the mainstream and is promising tremendous growth. The rise of new, affordable hardware will put virtual reality in the reach of a growing number of companies and individuals across a range of industries, creating endless possibilities. The growth of this technology will inevitably come with its challenges but overall, will change the way in which many people engage with brand content.

So what’s the difference between 360-degree and VR?

In Virtual Reality the user is in control of the experience, the story so to speak; with 360-dregree content you’re simply placed in an environment. At the end of the day, I cannot see any other future alternative to viewing content, other than 360-degree or VR (including immersive VR).


As social media continues its global domination, companies are battling it out to be in prime advertising spots, increasing visibility of their brand and pushing content to their desired audiences. What this means is that advertising costs across these channels are going to become increasingly more expensive, and we can’t see it slowing down any time soon. The end of Facebook? I think we’re more likely to see snow in Australia at Christmas.


The rise of the series! No, I’m not talking GOT, I’m talking webisodes or a series of clips – considered content which tells a story and gives the viewer that little something extra, something to follow and something to talk about. When done right, a series can help to create visitors, who will become regulars, who become subscribers, who become customers. Making an initial connection drives interest, a series can do this. Content needs to be more than just a ‘one off piece’ and we will see companies building up libraries of premium content in order to stay ahead of the competition.


We’re talking platforms other than YouTube and Vimeo that can deliver content in larger formats such as 4k. If 4k is a new term to you, it stands for ultra-high-definition content and we’re seeing the increase of use across devices such as gaming consoles and Smart TVs. International Productions recognised the increased use of these new platforms in its infancy, adopting 4k early to stay out ahead of the curve.

With the growth of so many different platforms, those of us in the production game are finding that we are diversifying across more and across more roles. It is now important that crew members are experienced in a number of areas from production to shooting and editing, even flying drones.


As with all marketing, how your video content is perceived is ultimately how your company and brand is perceived. Outsourcing video production to the experts who are able to ensure visual and audio quality is exceptional, will ensure that your Content not only communicates your key messages but correctly represents your brand value and personality. Poor content will only do the opposite.

International Productions Content Productions believes in the power of compelling content utilising the latest technology and editing techniques to ensure the success of your content is, your success. Whether it’s in 4K, VR, sliding or being tracked on a drone, we have a dedicated team are on hand to guide the journey from concept to content delivery. With over 15 years of creativity and expertise in maximising results for any budget or deadline.

No matter how big or small your project, our Content Production team will work with you to produce written, visual and audio content that communicates your key messages across any platform, contact us today to find out how we can help get your productions on track for 2017.


by Adryan Daynes

Organising a conference can be one of the most difficult jobs in a franchisor’s head office. At first glance, it can seem like a daunting, overwhelming and perhaps even unachievable feat. It comes with significant responsibility and it’s important to get it right.

Luckily, the expertise and creativity of the International Productions events team takes the stress out of delivering events of any size. With over 20 years of experience in the events industry, here are my insights into delivering the most engaging Franchisee Conference your company has ever seen.

So why have a conference in the first place?

When done well, a franchisee conference can align staff with business objectives, boost network sales and strengthen the franchisee/franchisor relationship.

It is important franchisees remain connected with the overarching brand objective, providing them with a moment to step out of their business and touch base with the company’s strategic direction. A conference provides opportunities for networking between franchise owners and managers, allowing them to share insights into wins and challenges they have faced. It is also a chance to connect franchisees and staff with key suppliers to promote and demonstrate new products to the market.

Conferences are a prime opportunity to activate your company culture and values and to motivate and engage franchise owners and staff with the company goals and expectations. It can also be a chance to reward all levels of the franchise for their dedication and hard work. Happy workers = happy customers.

So how do you achieve this?


Firstly, it’s important that you are targeting the right people with the right message business owners and staff serve two different business functions, and event messaging should reflect this. By doing this, you are able to distil the key messages and objectives for different target markets.

At a recent Franchisee Conference for Harvey Norman, International Productions created two, three day mini-conferences; targeting retail staff across the first three days to embrace key brand messages and the second three days engaged franchisee owners with the overarching business strategy.


It is important all speakers and exhibitors bring their A-Game to the conference to ensure an exceptional event is delivered. It is usually their only opportunity each year to participate with their peers, and rightly or wrongly, event managers need to help them get the most out of the experience. External speakers will always be prepared with their presentation and messaging, however many internal conferences also include presentation from internal managers and product representatives – at International Productions we connect with internal presenters prior to the event and, if necessary, provide them with mentoring to ensure high level, engaging presentations.


You have the space confirmed, now use it. Work with exhibitors prior to the event to get the best results, invest in attractive stands and really think about the best ways to set out products for live demonstrations. At the recent Harvey Norman conference, International Productions introduced new look Denver stands to the exhibition space. Working with the exhibitors in the months leading up to the event, our team liaised directly with the exhibitors encouraging them to utilise the innovate stands to think outside the box. The simple action of communicating resulted in happy exhibitors creating stands that effectively sold their business, and reaping the rewards with increased sales at the event.


The primary purpose of many franchise conferences is to provide an engaging educational experience that aligns your franchise owners and staff members with the core business direction. However, it’s important the overall conference is a motivating and uplifting experience so, fun and entertainment should be well balanced throughout.

The event is also a chance to reward and thank everyone for their dedication and hard work over the past 12 months. Evening social events provide the perfect platform for everyone to let their hair down and experience something out of the norm – explore nearby locations and venues and provide entertainment that connects with the audience.

At the Harvey Norman conference, International Productions aligned the social evening with the needs of their audience. With the conference based at Sydney Showgrounds, retail staff were treated to an all access tour of the ANZ stadium with evening entertainment provided by comedian Joel Creasey. While during the franchise owner component, guests spent an evening at the Westella Renaissance, enjoying an Arabian Night’s themed dinner and entertainment from comedian Akmal Saleh. Their event concluded with an award evening recognising the high achievers across the company in a relaxed and entertaining environment.

No matter how big your company, International Productions Event Management produces world-class events for any budget or deadline, that will meet your event objectives and communicate key messages.

IP Event Management believes in the power of compelling events with a single purpose, to make the success of the event, your success. A dedicated team are on hand to guide the journey from concept to live event.


A slickly designed presentation template is not only important in maintaining continuity throughout an event, but can constantly reinforce key messaging and event themes. (more…)


Why consider video tools?

  • Video has been proven to increase conversion & hence engagement by 35%
  • A picture tells a 1000 words, video can deliver high volume content effortlessly
  • Video can be utilised on a variety of social media platforms with detailed analytics
  • It is easy to embed online & distribute, easily viewed by your clients & target market
  • Moving pictures & sound provide an immersing & memorable experience more so than static images & words.



Helen Wong (MD) from Helen Wong’s Tours as well as the Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) are raising the benchmark in the travel industry when it comes to inspiring Events.

International Productions assisted the MGTO during the 2014 Vivid Festival in doing just that. A custom built 23 metre city skyline was assembled in the Crystal Ballroom at Luna Park Sydney, displaying stunning images and a spectacular light show of Macau’s attractions.

The two complimenting themes immersed those who attended in beautiful imagery not only inside but out and allowed the creation of an event that would not soon be forgotten. (more…)


On October 18th, IP pulled off an amazing Gala Night at the MCA Foundation Hall for Helen Wongs Tours and 180 of her Tourism Industry guests, including dignitaries from Macau as well as Tourism NSW. (more…)