Case Studies

Harvey Norman Electrical

SERVICE: Event management and content production
TYPE OF CONTENT: Pre-recorded demonstration videos, sizzle and introduction reels, script writing and more


Event: National Sales Conference
Service: Event Management and Content Production
Pax: 850
Venue: Multiple locations in Sydney



Harvey Norman set out to engage over 350 retail franchisees across a three-day conference and maximise an expansive 8,500m2 show floor. With multiple event elements, including a networking night, gala awards evening and partner programs, the conference aimed to educate and engage delegates.


Thinking outside the box, International Productions designed and delivered a fresh and creative approach to communicate information and key messages to franchisees. The expert visual productions team created Channel H, an interactive Talk Show concept with relaxed and engaging conversation between a host and guest suppliers to communicate the presentation content.

Across the event, International Productions:

  • managed 50 pre-recorded videos, sizzle reels and introduction reels
  • covered casting and MC’s for before and during the conference
  • created scripts and designed engaging presentations


The production assets invigorated the audience and highlighted the event’s key messages, ensuring the business objectives to engage and train franchisees were exceeded – all this, at the same time as managing the exhibition with over 70 exhibitors, and delivering a compelling social program across four events and multiple venues.

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