Case Studies


SERVICE: Event management, event content and content production


Event: Customer Company Roadshow
Service: Event Management and Content Production
Pax: 1,500
Venue: Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland



Salesforce engaged International Productions to deliver a captivating technology-centric roadshow event to increase brand awareness and provide delegates with a consistent hands-on product demonstration across the three locations.

Challenge: Three weeks prior to the first event, an additional exhibition component was added, introducing unforeseen challenges including venue space, inadequate internet connection speed and catering flow which had to be considered.


During the main keynote plenary a multi-projection large screen blend, incorporated vision live cameras, presentations and custom graphic overlays to support the clients software demonstrations, while a multi-projection screen brought the presenters mobile phone onto the screen for a product demonstration.

To fit in an additional conference stream at the last minute, International Productions designed a simplified exhibition layout that maximised venue space, devised a new catering flow and created customised internet networks at each venue to cater for the extremely large download requirements of the technology event.


The conference resulted in a growth to existing business and maximised new sales opportunities. The interactive technology provided delegates with higher product knowledge retention than previous events, resulting in three successful events.

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